About Us

Hey YALL!! I'm Theran, sounds like Karen except with a "T"   I am the sole owner of In BeTween. I have two tween girls myself(two boys also that are under 7) and as they have gotten older, it had become harder and harder to find them age appropriate cute clothes without all the tackiness and Disney characters attached. Ha! Or without all the ruffles and bows! I know I can't be the only one whose daughter's refuse the ruffles and bows! If only we could keep them in ruffles and bows forever though, right? 💝

It had always been a dream of mine to own a boutique! So with the frustration of not finding CUTE clothes for my girls and with that dream, In BeTween was born. I opened our first location, September 2016. After a few months, I knew I wanted to open another location and this time a BIGGER one! I learned Huntsville didn't have an exclusive tween boutique. I  knew that's where we had to put our second location and voila! our Huntsville location was born March(2017)! 🎉

I LOVE my stores and I LOVE all my customers!! Y'all ROCK and I get to be a tween everyday I'm in the store. It's any GIRLS(women's)dream! 😉 I absolutely LOVE styling your little fashionista and seeing their faces light up when they walk in the store. ⭐️

Yall have to go join our facebook group!! That's where all the action is out. We are constantly having giveaways and posting SALES and all that good stuff! If you need help picking out sizes, don't hesitate to message me! We will figure it out together and your daughter will LOVE anything she gets from In BeTween!  😘

It has been an awesome year getting to know all of you and your sweet daughter's. Thank you ALL for making In BeTween such a success and for all of our newbies, I can't wait to get to know you and your daughter's!! 😘